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How to use Bluestacks

How to use Bluestacks
How to use Bluestacks

Blustacks App Player is a number one tool for those who would like to use Android apps on their pc or laptop. Thousands of users choose Blustacks, as it works perfectly on devices with different technical characteristics, performing smoothly on both high- and low productive computers.

The utility demonstrates a high number of features and functions, as well as it has a pleasant and understandable interface. Blustacks can easily run on both Windows and Mac OS systems.

Currently, BlueStacks supports using the majority of Android apps, as well as playing music, watching videos, communicating in social networks, etc. To have a access to all the program’s features, you only need to download and install the tool on your device.

How to use Bluestacks on different systems? Are there any difficulties in the installation process? Can you use Bluestacks if you have no programming knowledge?

Below you can find a detailed manual on how to use Blustacks on Windows and Mac OS systems.

How to use Bluestacks on Windows

Blustacks can emulate Android operating system on all the supported Windows versions, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and others. The program is likely to run without any complications: you only have to install the needed app and you will be able to enjoy playing it in seconds.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks After the download is complete, click the .exe file to push the installation process and wait for files to be extracted. Usually, it takes just a few moments. Then choose Next to agree to the terms of the license to continue installation and accept the default options. How to use Bluestacks
  2. Sign into BlueStacks
    How to use Bluestacks
    The first time you run BlueStacks, you'll be offered to sign into the tool with your Google account. The program will also ask you if you already have an Android-based mobile phone. If so, you can easily connect your devices with BlueStacks and synchronize all your apps and account data. However, if you do not have an Android phone, you are free to start using the app without it.
    After that BlueStacks App Player will automatically install a number of most popular apps on your PC.
  3. Find applications
    To start downloading your favorite apps you simply need to type an app’s title you are looking for and click download.
    How to use Bluestacks
    Be ready to start running the chosen app in a few seconds! No worries, you can perform all the operations using the cursor of your mouse that will act similar to fingers on Android devices.
    How to use Bluestacks
  4. Adjust BlueStacks App Player’s settings
    The program options also allow setting the device language and some other additional features to improve image quality and performance. For example, you can set the accelerator to be controlled by the arrow keys for your convenience. This way you will not run on problems or bugs playing any kind of Android games.
  5. Synchronize data
    One of the most amazing program’s features is that it is able to copy data between Android and Windows, and vice versa. Just click the Copy files from windows button and initiate the following process.
    How to use Bluestacks
    BlueStacks App Player is a fantastic utility that provides terrific possibilities to all the Windows users and allows them to use all Google Play applications with a full package of features.

How to use Bluestacks on Mac OS

Bluestacks is a leading Android emulator for your Mac device. Just run Bluestacks on Mac OS and you will be given an opportunity to install different applications from any app stores, as well as move downloaded APK files and use them in Mac. This tool remains to be the best way to use Android apps in Mac OS desktop or laptop.
For some reasons, Bluestacks App Player cannot be installed on Mac OS the same way as Windows. Below are few steps you can follow to install you’re the app on your Mac system.
  1. Download Bluestacks
    The first thing you should do to run Bluestacks App Player is to download its files on your device
  2. Install Bluestacks on Mac OS
    Double-click the DMG file to launch the installation process. Just drag and drop the application icon to Applications folder.
    How to use Bluestacks
    Then open the utility and wait for loading a couple of seconds.
    How to use Bluestacks
  3. Start using Bluestacks on Mac. Install your favorite apps
    You will see the home page of Bluestacks if everything went correctly.
    How to use Bluestacks

However, if you search for an app, you will not find anything. No worries, everything is okay on this stage! How to use Bluestacks

To start downloading apps from Google play, you will certainly need to set up your Google account in settings menu.

After that you are free to install and launch any application from the app store and enjoy all features and fine graphics of android games on your device! How to use Bluestacks

Bluestacks App Player is developed to fit perfectly any system, either Windows or Mac OS and offers its users software of high quality only.

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